Undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations in the world, Paris is definitely a place to visit. From the breath taking architecture to the classic art collections found in some of the most popular museums in the world to a wide range of 5 star restaurants and cafés, one would definitely be spoilt for choice when he or she touches down in Paname(nickname for Paris). There a lot of places to visit is a long one but let me suggest a few places…..


1. The Eiffel Tower ;
“I was in Paris but didn’t visit the Eiffel Tower”, said no one ever. You definitely have to visit this historic monument once you’re in Paris. Named after Gustave Eiffel and with its design initially condemned by native French architects, the Eiffel Tower is now a cultural symbol for France and is one of the most visited monuments in the world. It is located on the Champs de Mars in the 7th arrondissement and is open to the public every day from 9 am to 11pm and till midnight during the summer.


2. Monsieur Bleu;

Just 2 mins away from the Eiffel Tower, is Monsieur Bleu; a nice and affordable restaurant located on 20 avenue de New York. Open on Mondays through to Sundays from 12pm to 2am, this restaurant serves a wide range of mouth watering French delicacies and offers an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.


3. The Grand Palais:

The Grand Palais is a large exhibition hall and museum located on the Champs-Elysées in the 8th arrondissement. Its opening hours are from 9am to 10pm each day with the exception of Tuesdays when it is closed to the public.


4. The Louvre :
Housing the historic Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci , the Dying Slave by Michelangelo and Liberty leading the people by Eugène Delacroix, (to mention a few) is the Louvre. This museum has three entrances namely:
• Pyramid and Galerie du Carrousel which opens every day (except Tuesdays) from 9 am to 7:30 pm.
• Passage Richelieu entrance which opens every day from 9am to 5:30 pm
• Porte des Lions entrance: this entrance isn’t always open. From October to March, admission is free on the first Sunday of each month.
The louvre also has some cafés but they’re quite pricy.


5. L´arc de triomphe de l’Étoile:
Built by Napoleon in 1806, the arc de triomphe is located at the place de l’Étoile in the west of Paris. It is opened to all visitors. One can climb to the very top of the arc to see all the 12 arrondissements in Paris. But to see that, you have to climb a very long flight of stairs or use the elevator. That’s no easy task(even with the elevator) , trust me. All the best though!

You would love it in Paris! Je vous jure!


By Sena Amankwa