Cotonou; the heartbeat of Benin

I remember quite vividly when we left the University of Ghana campus on a bus en route to Benin. You read right! A bus trip to Benin! Long trip but it was actually fun. After about 13 hours, we arrived in Cotonou. I had previously visited Benin but this time, I was...

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Lille; the junction of Europe

I made enquiries from my friends who were in France the previous year and the response was almost identical. "You will come back speaking excellent French.” Oh how confident I felt after those words. Alas, my days of just ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’ would soon be over?...

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5 must-see places in Nantes

Fun-Fact: Did you know that the ever-famous Petit Beurre biscuits originates from Nantes, France? Nantes is one of the biggest cities in France, approximately 2 hours by train from Paris with very warm people, an affordable standard of living, and of course beautiful...

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